We would love to hear your experience with your GoofBoard.  Please send us a note via the contact us page and we will post it here!  All comments here are volunteered, no bribes, no pestering.


Posted by Tom McGonigal in NJ, April 8 2017
Thank you guys. I am able to share the greatest pastime - surfing, with my grandchildren. My brother and I started when we were 13. In my opinion the Goofboard is the nearest you can get to moving on a surfboard without being in the water. The family loves it and I am sure that you will get a few more orders from the family. Thanks for a wonderful product, professionally made. It looks and responds as you advertised. 


Posted by Thouin in France, Aug 19 2016
Perfect ,very cool !!

Posted by Peter in Sweden, Aug 16 2016
Great product! Use it everyday and it´s fun too! Worth every penny!


Posted by Tom in OH, Aug 05 2016
I love it, it is addictive and my kids and their friends love it.

Posted by Jack in CA, Jul 31 2016
The Goofboard is addictive and lots of fun to use. Make sure to follow the YouTube instructional videos to get the most out of it. Already noticing an improvement in my surfing ability, especially board control.


Posted by Michele in HI, Mar 01 2016
This GoofBoard is awesome! I definitely notice the difference now when I go surfing, much better balancing and I can feel the board and water moving below it. Slowly improving everytime I step on it.


Posted by: Marty in the Australia, Feb 22 2016
I received me Classic yesterday and am stoked. From a production standpoint, the goofboard is very well engineered. I can see that a lot of love went into getting it just right. Also, having a legend like Wingnut endorsing it gives me confidence that I have the best balance trainer possible to assist me with learning to surf.  I'm getting my practice in before getting back in the water.  The Goofboard will be essential for me and as I'm an hour from the coast.

Posted by: Tom in the UK, Jan 22 2016
Just wanted to say thanks for the GoofBoard. It arrived today, so I'm very impressed by the speed you guys dispatched it.  I'm really impressed at the quality and the style of the board. A lot of thought and effort has obviously gone into the end product. I've just tried it briefly this evening - and wasn't very good - but it was a lot of fun!  I look forward to having more fun on it (and hopefully getting a lot better....)  Anyway, well done for inventing this and having such a good product, and providing a great service.

Posted by: Tammy in TX, Jan 5 2016

WORK WITH THIS COMPANY!! They are kind, understanding , caring and honest! They absolutely went out of their way to work with me and the product was all that was described and more! I highly recommend this company! I challenge you to find better customer service! This company ROCKS!!!!


Posted by:  John, Oct 9 2015
This thing is just what I was looking for [Classic]. I'm a surfer who wants to shorten the learning curve of stylish cross stepping to the nose. After just one session on the GoofBoard, there's no doubt that I've made the right purchase. It's made well with durable & high quality materials.  I've use other "surf" balance simulators and also made a few, from my experience, none come close to this one. Being that the Goofboard appears to have been the original product employing rail to rail balance & improving cross stepping technique, I was not interested in similar boards that have now jumped on this design. If you're looking to work on your cross stepping technique or a beginner just starting out, this one's for you.


Posted by:  Sandra in NY, Oct 1 2015
We absolutely love our Goofboard! We were looking at different brands, checked some reviews, tried another one out in a store, but decided that Goofboard is the best for us. And we made the right choice! Super quick shipping, amazing customer service (thanks, Armin!) and a high quality board. We got the Freestyle board and use it for surf and snowboarding practice. It's perfect both ways! Thank you Goofboard!

Posted by:  Ryan, Sep 18 2015
This thing is so cool, just don't get discouraged it takes some practice. Love it, don't know how I lived without it..


Posted by Dack, Aug 20 2015 
I give it 100 stars. This thing has provided countless hours of entertainment for this landlocked kook and I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their balance on a surfboard, and especially their popup. Practicing popups on it is extremely challenging and fun (I see how many I can do consecutively) and the side benefit is it totally shreds your core. I cannot recommend it any more highly.

Posted by: Lyman in NC, Jun 27 2015
Guy's great product,it took me exactly 1hour to get y'alls technique down, the video is key! I'm 53 so I'm not easily impressed,LOL. Has improved my ride time significantly! Thanks from Kill Devil Hills,N.C.

Posted by:  Sonny in New Zealand, May 12 2015
Just thought I would let you know that the goofboard I brought from you guys is absolutely brilliant!! We are loving it and have been showing many of our friends and family how to goof it up large!! 

Posted by: Andy in CA, May 9 2015
The Goofboard is the GREATEST trainer EVER :) I love it.......
Great rail to rail action, works on heel to toe transitions and also a great stress reliever when I can't get in the water. I'm a bit sore but it's all worth it, foot work is very important to me so this will help improve my stepping with some soul behind it.  Once again BIG Mahalo for your goofboard I will pass the word to every surfer I run into from this day forward. I am now officially a Goofer for life......... :) Thank You, Andy

Posted by: Tom in PA, Mar 20 2015
Great product!  And it is addicting. While I will never be a “Wingnut” on it……. I’m certainly going to try.  

Posted by Charles, Mar 13 2015
Amazing surf trainer, well built and fun to use, I have a surf camp planned in the spring- so I will get to chart my progress


Posted by: Kim in CO, Feb 28 2015
Armin, i
t arrived on time in perfect condition. Thanks so much!  We are having a great time with it and I have to fight my 11 year old son to use it, so you may be getting an order for the freestyle from us in the near future.   :)   What a great product!

Posted by Hope: in NJ, Jan 8 2015
I received my goof board the other day and am really loving it. I've been wanting one for a while since I've had a chance to try it when I get together for Christian Surfers get-togethers where we slack line, indo, and goof board. I wish I hadn't waited so long for one of my own.  I also had no idea I'd be fighting over it with my kids, especially my 6 year old daughter whom I've been teaching to surf. I can't wait to get good at it! It's totally addicting and takes the edge off when I'm stuck at home and can't get in the water.  And I was more than surprised with the high quality. Love, love, love it!         

Posted by: Jane in the UK, Dec 29 2014
Armin, just wanted to thank you for the fantastic service. The Goofboard arrived in good time for Christmas & the tracking service was first class. My son was absolutely thrilled & hasn't been off it since Christmas Day!

Posted by: Leo in Belgium, Dec 29 2014
hi, practiced already 2 weeks - having a blast with it - great "dry land" exercise!

Posted by: Adam in OH, Dec 23 2014
Just wanted to say thank you for such a great product. Received my Goofboard last week and can't stop practicing with it. Great fun, great workout and great way to work on the skills. Thanks again, keep up the great work.

Posted by Jeremy Dec 3 2014
This is the real deal for balance training. I have never surfed before (hope to try in the near future) but I am in Austin, Tx and SUP is big here. I have had my GoofBoard for approximately a month and it's crazy how much I have improved my balance. It's addicting, I leave it in my living room and I am on the board almost every time I walk by it! I look forward to easier SUP'ing in the Spring!

Posted by: Rick in MA, Nov 17 2014
Love the Goofboard!! I live in New England and it's getting a little cold to hit the waves. This is perfect to help me stay in shape for my trip to Costa Rica in January. I have the Indo Board but the Goofboard beats it out for a more realistic surf feeling.

Posted by Brian, Oct 17 2014
I've tried a few different balance boards that are on the market (I won't name them here) and the Goof Board is, without a doubt, the only one that has truly improved my surfing performance. After using the Goof Board consistently for a couple weeks, I started to notice more solid turns, better balance on the nose, and increased ability to make it through more difficult sections, and a better surfing experience overall because of my improved balance and strength.  So stoked to keep improving.


Posted by: Kapritchon, Oct 29 2014
Awesome board! Get it if you want to have fun and improve your balance on your sup or surfboard.


Posted by: Joshua Sep 28 2014
Best. Surfing. Trainer. Ever.

Posted by: Katherine, Jul 15 2014
I got this because I have always wanted to surf, having been a life-long so cal girl, but I have severe spinal issues stemming from an old volleyball injury and so I thought this would be a good way to have some fun physical therapy and ease into surfing one day. I've never surfed, but I've done ocean swimming, and I do like how the motion riding it reminds me of waves. (I mean it's not the real thing but it's closer than when I rode my friend's indo board.) I really debated over all the different boards out there, and I'm super pleased with the choice I made :) Would definitely recommend to anyone else who wants to learn how to surf or just have a fun way to do physical therapy to strengthen after an injury. This is also very aesthetically pleasing- neutral-colored but made of quality materials, looks even better in person- and so I actually leave it out to be seen instead of putting it away as I had planned. I just got it yesterday and have already used it twice. It's tons of fun.


Posted by: Tasman in FL, July 2 2014
The GoofBoard Freestyle is not only the best balance board I’ve ever owned or used, IT IS ONE OF THE FUNNEST THINGS EVER! I do it while I watch TV, eat, hang out with my friends when it’s raining, play guitar, and just when I’m bored! It has improved my surfing A TON, and my balance is great now. Not to mention dropping into the bowl on a skateboard is a thousand times easier now. The GoofBoard has trained all the right muscles, and given me muscle memory in all its aspects. 

Posted by: Erik in ID, Jun 6 2014
We love our current Classic so much, I am getting a 2nd to keep at the office!

Posted By: Katrina in MA, Apr 24 2014
I absolutely LOVE this goofboard (Freestyle)! It's wicked hard to get used to it the horizontal way vs. the normal "balance board" way, but it's SO much fun! :) I'm having so much fun I can't wait to get to home from work every day! :)

Posted by: Hillary in Australia, Apr 3 2014
Thank you for getting the Goof board to us so quickly. My daughter is thrilled and it has turned out to be her favourite 13th birthday present. Thanks again for your and Steve's quick acting to get it to us within a couple of days.

Posted by: Matt, March 26 2014
The "freestyle" is a blast. This past weekend I spent several hours cruising on the board watching college hoops. Definitely an addictive feeling.

Posted by: David, Jan 24 2014
Great way to stay loose and work on you balance for SUP season when it is 10 degrees outside. Lots of fun.


Posted by: Judy, Jan 14 2014
The goof board is absolutely awesome! It has got to be one of our families favorite items ordered! We use it daily and love it!!

Posted by: Judy, Jan 13 2014
The goof board is absolutely awesome! It has got to be one of our families favorite items ordered! We use it daily and love it!!

Posted by: Thomas in SoCal, Dec 31 2013
Well built. Well designed. Above my expectations and the whole family gets a kick out of it! Would highly recommend.

Posted by: Eric Lizano, San Diego, Dec 31 2013
Just received my Goof Board and I love it. I knew the board would be fun but I had no idea of how much of a workout it would be. I could feel it in my legs after only 10 minutes. I now look forward to surfing in the family room on flat days.

Posted by: Thomas, Dec 30 2013
Well built. Well designed. Above my expectations and the whole family gets a kick out of it! Would highly recommend.


Posted by: Robert Rosenfield, Nov 13 2013
My friends and I ride every day when there are no waves, we have contests, and more fun then we deserve. My doctor keeps his in his office and rides between patients and during lunch. what a great product!. thank you.

Posted by: Jewel in North Carolina, Nov 5 2013
This truly is better than other balance boards I've used to help improve my surfing. I look forward to seeing the results in a few months when I am not landlocked and I can get out on the water again.


Posted by: Mark, Sep 2 2013
I looked a all the available balance trainers and thought this looked the most like actual surfing.
It took about 30 minutes for me and my kids(ages 13,13 and 18) to get up and going but it was fun and easy. Now we are walking the board, hanging 10, and riding 1 foot at a time.  It is great.  Best of all it has translated into better long board surfing. Really- my balance is improving the more I use it.  I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to practice balance and core strength and have fun while doing it.

Posted by: Jason in NY, Sept 14 2013
My brother loves his (gift) Goofboard. He was so elated by it that not even 5mins on it, he wants to start a surfing club at his college. We will always recommend Goofboard. Regards, Jason.


Posted by: Fitzy in Colorado, August 1 2013
I have received my GoofBoard and I'm addicted already, moved the chair away after the first 15 minutes. In any case great product at a great price!!

Posted by: Mark, July 2 2013
We just got the GoofBoard delivered and we love it. My kids are so excited. Thanks for making such a cool product. You should go on Shark Tank. Thanks again.

Posted by: Karsden, May 28 2013
My whole family has been practicing on it and we have seen a marked improvement in our surfing ability. Just today I was trying to cross step to the nose on a wave and I was able to recover from a wobble that would have normally sent me into the surf. Great product.

Posted by: Drew in Georgia, May 22 2013
The GoofBoard arrived yesterday and the whole family had a blast trying it out and laughing at our failures! You all make it look too easy on the videos. The girls are certain it's going to really help them get ready for the season.

Posted by: Inga in Utah, May 2 2013
Thanks a million! I should have purchased multiple...am having to fight my kids to use it! Family of five - hooked!

Posted by: Lee, Apr 22 2013
I have been riding my GoofBoard for several months and I absolutely love it. I recently started surfing Lake Michigan, and riding the GoofBoard, although different than riding frigid freshwater waves, certainly helps balance. I keep the board in my x-ray room at the office and I "goof" between patients. A truly great product and so much fun---keeps the brain functioning too. Thanks.

Posted by: Bruce in AUS, Apr 9 2013
Recently received my Goofboard and I love it. Took me a little while to let go of the chair comfortably but now I can last for ages and I'm working on my crossovers. The similarity to surfing is astounding and I can feel the difference.

Posted by: Warren in FL, April 8 2013
Loving the GoofBoard! It has done wonders for my balance on narrow SUP race board: fine-tuning my lower body proprioception, strengthening my ankles and quieting center of mass.

Posted by: Eddie, Jan 28 2013
Have to tell you, at first I thought this was probably another crap surf product. I was wrong!! The Goofboard is challenging, with real rail to rail feel, great for learning to cross step-hang 5 or 10 and most of all super fun. Thanks, this really is a fantastic product, worth every penny and then some...


Posted by: CC, Jan 10 2013
I have tried every single balance board that has ever been displayed at a surf shop and this one is by far the best one out there. It truly gives you a more natural feel of the balance rail to rail that you have to perform on a real surfboard, and its truly fun. Love it!


Posted By: JC, Jan 9 2013
I have tried every single balance board that has ever been displayed at a surf shop and this one is by far the best one out there. It truly gives you a more natural feel of the balance rail to rail that you have to perform on a real surfboard, and its truly fun. Love it!

Posted By : Erdestino, Dec 31 2012
Love the GoofBoard - learning curve is steep, but once you get the hang of it, you can't stop!
I'm heading out on the water tomorrow. Hopefully my Goofing will translate into some good rides!

Posted By : RangerLou, Mantoloking NJ, Oct 19 2012
I just bought this product a few weeks ago to keep in shape for the colder months. Its not easy at the beginning but once you get started you cant stop, worth every penny.

Posted By : Melissa Fraim, Oct 17 2012
Thanks again Armin. I got the board right on time Friday.
Big hit with my boys as well as all the other
Surf rat kids in the neighborhood. :) Best, Melissa Fraim

Surfing Amateur
Posted By : Jeronimo , On Wednesday, 29 August 2012
Hi All, I bought the goofboard a couple months ago and I have to say that it is amazing! This is one of those products that when you see them you say "why didn't I come up with this??? It's so simple yet so perfect". I have some friends that have been surfing for years and they all bought one for themselves (hey, no referral program ;) hehe ). Don't doubt it and get one, it's guaranteed fun! Cheers, Jero

Cheeee Hooooo!!!
Posted By : Big D , On Wednesday, 22 August 2012
This is the real deal!!! When I first saw it in a Surfboard Buyer's Guide issue, I said that it was the right design. When I viewed the Wingnut videos, I said that it was the right design. Now I ride my own GoofBoard, I'm still saying that it's the right design! Riding the GoofBoard is like surfing at home! I've been a Bodyboarder all my life, with a slight interest in surfing. I had no confidence in just paddling out on a surfboard. The practice on it has given me the confidence to go out and stand up on my own! Standing up and surfing is a lot of fun when you have the confidence to do so. Thanks a lot Armin, Aloha. Big D


Posted by:  radsurf, July 25, 2012
I purchased the Goofboard several months ago and have been loving it! I have been surfing since I was 16 (34 years) and in recent years have turned to long-boarding exclusively. I have never really liked other balance trainers because of the bust your butt factor and long learning curve. The Goofboard is less intense for starting out and the motion is so much more like real surfing. Any balance trainer is good exercise but the Goofboard will have you riding immediately and yet remains challenging as you progress to more difficult tricks and techniques. My kids, 4 & 6 years old, love to jump on it with me for tandems and triples. Goofboard is the best thing I have tried for strength and balance training and is great for surfing or any sport. The Goofboard folks are communicative and seemingly very stoked on their awesome little carpet glider. Try it, you'll definitely love it.


Posted By : j funk , On Monday, 16 July 2012
the goof gets results and is too much fun. my power hoax bracelet is on craigslist for $2.

The Goofboard is legit
Posted By : Gary Thurmond , On Monday, 16 July 2012
My surfing's gone up a notch or two since I've been using your board. Caught some super glassy 2 to 3 Thursday and I was glued to my meyerhoffer.

I love my GoofBoard
Posted By : Rae Newton , On Thursday, 14 June 2012
I've had my GB for about 18 months. I switch stance and it is great for practice going regular and goofy-foot. Though I'll probably never have the control that the guy in the video does, at 67 years old, practicing your balance going both ways on a daily basis really helps.

Best thing out there
Posted By : Jeff Martin , On Monday, 04 June 2012
Goofboards are the Best thing out there for surfing, sk8boarding, wake boarding n snow boarding WHILE IN YOUR LIVINGROOM!!! A+ With 4boyz 13,10 n twin 3yr olds its the best fun you can have when Florida weather is acting out ;) THE MARTIN BUNCH LOVES OUR 2 GOOFBAORDS!!


Posted by:  Mark,  May 31 2012
The goofboard is an absolutely amazing device. It will definitely help anyone looking to improve their surfing, PLUS it's a great workout that you will do because it is fun. The goof board prepped me for better wave time.  I'm not trying rip the other devices, but they feel very contrived after goofing for awhile. They did prepare me for straddling a log, but my goal was to ride waves better.



Posted by:  T. Harrison,  May 30 2012
I've had my goofboard for about 6 months. I ride longboard, so this seemed a natural choice for a balance board. What I didn't expect was the real difficulty in getting good. Sure, I could stand on it and not move basically right off the bat, but this thing is for walking, and it's hard - or at least harder than I thought it would be.

I've been surfing for over 20 years. I've been a competitive surfer during most of that time. This really steps up your game. It works your ankles like crazy. Core strength is a must, but gets a great workout too.

What I really love is it is fun. After about 15 minutes, I feel I've worked on something, either strength or technique. Either way, it's improved my surfing and skateboarding.

Overall, I love it. Armin, the creator and owner of the company, is always around to answer questions and provide feedback on technique and the next thing you should try. There are videos online to help. You can send him a video of your technique, and you will get a personalized critique, with helpful recommendations to improve.


feels like surfing
Posted By : Gary T , On Tuesday, 24 April 2012
Really diggin this board. It's so much like the real thing. If I miss a good day of surf because of work I won't go as crazy now.

Days without waves-gone ! :)
Posted By : Milla , On Thursday, 19 April 2012
Happy to find this surfing substitute. In my opinion it's a tad harder then plain balancing on surfboard - BUT SUCH A GREAT BOARD to improve my surfing skills!

My 2 year old hopped this morning on it with me- GREAT FUN! Great stuff this board, and loads of fun (at least 15 min a day -everyday in nonsurfing season-I am one happy customer! Thank you :)

even better than expected
Posted By : Rey , On Friday, 09 March 2012
Armin, received the board today and it's better than what I expected, love the challenge, stoked to show this to the kids, also thank you so much for the stickers. I'll tell all my friends and surf shops about your product. You are a genius cheers! :)

Great Product!
Posted By : Henri , On Friday, 09 March 2012
I received the 2 goofboards and the whole family practices every day. We love it! My two young boys (7 and 9 years old) have fun and it's really good way to experience the rail to rail motion of surfing. Great product! --Aloha from the Basque Country.

Snowboarder Loves It
Posted By : Heather , On Monday, 27 February 2012
My wonderful husband is a Snowboarder. I'm a beach girl. He moved to the beach to be with me, but misses the mountain... he still goes up a couple times each Winter, but I bought him a GoofBoard to give him that 'toe carve / heel carve' feel - and he LOVES it. Rail-to-rail action is SO much better than the old "indos" that balance nose-to-tail... we might have to get another one because the kids and I barely give Hubby a turn to ride the GoofBoard. : )

Awesome for longboard practice
Posted By : NT , On Friday, 24 February 2012
I bought the GoofBoard for my husband's birthday and he just loves it! He says that it is his "secret weapon" for getting better at surfing, and his first comment was, "Oh, I've got to master this thing!"
He thinks the GoofBoard is awesome, and he has been on it every day since we received it (heck, he didn't even take off his work uniform before trying it when he first got it). Thanks for putting a smile on his face even on the days he can't go surfing!

Thumbs Up
Posted By : Rob , On Saturday, 04 February 2012
I just got this and it is amazing. It has helped me with my balalnce skills as Im a beginning surfer. I try to do 10-15 minutes a day. It was shaky at first but now im just getting the hang of it.

Awesome birthday gift
Posted By : Pat , On Saturday, 04 February 2012
G'day, I got the Goof Board for my birthday two days ago and I love it. Can already feel it will be great at improving my average surf skills and just fun to get that riding feeling at home too. Great for anyone interested in surf, skate etc... but if you're a casual surfer like myself, I can see it will be a great way to keep up with the basic balance skills that you lose after long periods out of the surf.
Thanks for an awesome product.

Proof is in the Goof
Posted By : Steve , On Saturday, 28 January 2012
Goofboard is a cool piece of fitness equipment that's fun, relatively inexpensive, promotes better agility and coordination, and can be used by the whole family. How many products on the market these days can claim all that? And it feels like surfing!

Love the Goofboard...
Posted By : Steve J. , On Tuesday, 15 November 2011
Bought mine to help improve my balance on the SUP and skateboard, but ended up incoporating it into my regular workout as a great warm up. Definitely seeing better performance on the longboard, but the thing is just plain fun to "Goof" on. The Goofboard is a very cool piece of equipment. Highly recommended. Mahalo!

first timer on any board
Posted By : Lemuel , On Wednesday, 19 October 2011
I do not know how to skate,snow or surf in my life... I am 43 yrs old and was planning of fulfilling my dream as a surf dude someday.. Huntington beach it's about 18 miles but im to chicken to try... I was lookin tru youtube clip and found this "goofboard" vids.. it looks easy hmmmm?? but when i got my board yesterday.... i was excited to try.... heck it was harder than i expected!! finally was able to dial my regular for almost an hour ... now ..w owo ww it was self /goal achievemnt done... I feel good.... I goin surf in one of this weekend yes!!!!!

Posted By : Paul Mruk , On Saturday, 01 October 2011
Ive been Surfing for 25 yrs and I have to tell you this is as close to actually roller coastering ( word ?) down the line as your going to get ! Its gonna take some getting used to but that's half the fun ! There's no better way to spend my free time than listening to some instrumental surf music and "Goofing" around for a while. ORDER ONE !

birthday bonanza
Posted By : Monique , On Wednesday, 24 August 2011
This board is awesome. I'm Getting one for my husband for his birthday. His brother has one and we just fell in love with the thing! Awesome product!!

Rides even better than it looks on video
Posted By : Jordan Taylor , On Friday, 08 July 2011
I just got the goof board a couple days ago and I love it!!!! I'm 6'7" and I ride longboards not to mention I'm 270 on top of it. With Florida in the offseason I'm goofing in my time off. I can already feel my muscle building from my legs feet and ankles. This is what I needed to give me and edge due to my size. I saw the board on YouTube and your website but riding it is the only way to get the full experience.

walkin it!
Posted By : Russ Cahn , On Saturday, 02 July 2011
Had one for about a year now, love it... Great ankle tendon stretcher and great balance builder. Plus it taught me how to comfortably switch stance and walk to the nose!

Grom all over it
Posted By : Tom Sprunk , On Wednesday, 29 June 2011
This thing is sweet. It was a gift for my 7yr old grom. He was already ripping it up within 5 minutes of getting it out of the box....classic. This is a must have for any surfer!!

flatland surfer
Posted By : Jamie K , On Wednesday, 25 May 2011
Got my goofboard today, only issue I had getting balanced without Mr. Chair is I had my feet on the wrong rails (from my longboard skateboard stance). Once corrected I was swishing from rail to rail with 'Wipe-out' playing in my head. What a blast...back to it :-D

fun workout
Posted By : Zeph , On Thursday, 14 April 2011
This is a really fun way to get the legs in shape... using it to get back into surfing after a long absence. Thanks, my wife and I love it--Entrepreneurship at its best! Fantastic construction, solid.

Mo bettah
Posted By : John , On Friday, 01 April 2011
I'm glad I found out about your product, can't wait to dial it in! My Indo Board was getting boring & the Goof Board looks really functional for surf training.
Keep up the good work!

Birthday gift
Posted By : russell hook , On Saturday, 26 March 2011
Got it for my daughter's 10th birthday and she went nuts over it. Caught her at 3:30 in the morning still riding the thing. Every kid in the house loved it! Thanks for the call back on my questions-customer service is as good as the product. Total win!

funnest thing ever
Posted By : Rusty , On Tuesday, 15 March 2011
just got it, funnest thing ever!

Goofboard arrives in Germany ... finally
Posted By : Stefan Fischer , On Thursday, 10 March 2011
My wife finally got the Goofboard out of customs ... it's definitely worth the price even at extra VAT. The guys didn't even know what it was ;-) Great quality and real good fun even in the living room ... it'll keep us in shape right in time when the windsurfing season starts again. Sabine & Stefan Fischer

Tried Many
Posted By : Leah , On Sunday, 06 March 2011
Before discovering the GoofBoard, I tried many different balance boards at the gym . None that felt like actually surfing!! I can walk the board in my living room !! What a BLAST !!

You gotta get one of these!
Posted By : Mycool Chewie , On Monday, 28 February 2011
Just got mine from Goofboard headquarters yesterday. Thanks Armin for being so flexible and informative. Quality product, supremely realistic, righteously organic idea! I'm excited to see what it can do for my surfing, but just after a few moments on the Goofboard, I can already see the potential. I'll share more once I tame the shuffle...Cheers!

Best Gift since Evel Knievel Stunt Bike
Posted By : Marty Meyers , On Saturday, 26 February 2011
I'm 47 and I got a GoofBoard for Christmas,best gift since the Evil Knievel Stunt bike when I was 9 or 10. Water is a cool 37 to 40 here in Va Beach,when it hits mid 40s I will be Cross Stepping !!!!! Thanks to the GoofBoard yee hawww.This thing really is a blast,Goofin all the time.

cross step no problem.
Posted By : Tank , On Thursday, 20 January 2011
I started surfing over 20 years ago and used to be pretty good. I got busy with life and just really got back to it 4 years ago. I longboard and I'm almost as good as I used to be. Except for my cross step. I kept trying and trying every time I went out. It felt awkward and just looked lame. I figured out it was my balance. So I decided to invest in a balance board. After a month of research decided on the Goof Board. Due to a sewage spill my break was closed. Every day for a week I worked on the Goof Board. First wave I caught I got up and crossed stepped to the noes as if I had been doing it all my life. It felt natural and I think it looked styling. Goof Boarding is alot of fun. The kids and are always trying to outdo each other. My balance has improved immensely. I feel like it has taken me to another level. I picked mine up from Armin at the OC shop. Cool guy / bitchin product.

I can finally surf on land!
Posted By : Kristen , On Saturday, 08 January 2011
I just received my GoofBoard in the mail yesterday and I'm already up and riding. It's beyond addicting and I can't wait to get into the water and see how its improved my balance. The worst thing about this board is that I didn't order another because I've had to share it. Do yourself a favor... grab one of these, its worth every penny! I'm addicted to goofin!

Posted By : Sam , On Saturday, 18 December 2010
Thank you, we are stoked, the goofboard rocks, very high quality product great value. Peace mas.

I'm down with it
Posted By : Glenn , On Tuesday, 16 November 2010
I love how it strengthens my lower legs and feet. I definitely notice a difference in my surfing – as my center of gravity and balance have improved! Thank you for sharing this powerful training tool.

Up and Riding!
Posted By : Sarah , On Monday, 25 October 2010
I watched the video 15 minutes ago and I am up and riding without the help of "Mr. Chair". This is a blast!

Tons of fun!
Posted By : Steve Hanley , On Sunday, 10 October 2010 sghanley@mac.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The GOOFBOARD is totally awesome - lots of fun to ride & helps improve your balancing skills fast with regular practice. The customer service I received from the GOOFBOARD staff was outstanding! Mahalo for a great product! Aloha!! :-)

Goof off at work
Posted By : James Rothwell , On Friday, 01 October 2010
Am having so much fun with this thing at home I got one for work too.

Get one
Posted By : John , On Monday, 27 September 2010
This board is amazing and is exactly what I was looking for. The rail to rail is very smooth and is perfect for practicing your balance for any waterman sport, surfing, paddle boarding, SUP, etc. I love it!!!!

Walk it
Posted By : John True , On Thursday, 02 September 2010
Just bought one of these a few weeks ago and I love it! I'm about to spend most of a year away from the ocean and wanted something that would be fun, keep my surfing skills up, and help me from missing the water to much. This thing I think will do the trick, I'm real glad I bought one! It has already helped improve walking the board and I turn smoother now. It's a blast, I definitely recommend it!

Posted By : Mike Sullivan , On Wednesday, 25 August 2010
I am retired and started SUP boarding a few months ago. The Potomac River is pretty wide with many power boats, wind, wake, swells, etc so I am continuously working on my balancing skills. The Goof Board can move side to side so quickly that everything seems to slow down when I am back on the SUP Board. Thanks for a great product. I would recommend it to any SUP Boarder.

Great Product!
Posted By : Tom Taylor , On Saturday, 14 August 2010
Since my Goof Board arrived a little over a week ago I've been using it so much that my leags are sore! My balance has improved considerably- much faster than I thought. I'm impressed with the quality of workmanship on theGoof Board - it just plain looks good. Thanks for coming out with this great product.

Posted By : Larry Jamieson , On Friday, 30 July 2010
I received my Goofboard the other day, and I have to say it’s amazing. I can already feel my balance improving. This design just makes so much more sense than the competitors, and it really is a lot of fun to use. I highly recommend this for all Surfers’. Just go easy at first J

Posted By : Jordan , On Wednesday, 21 July 2010
Took about 2 hours to take to it. Simply read the instructions on how to goof and i was off. Started cross stepping about a week into it. Totally helps build confidence and ability to cross step. Perfect for flat spell practice. Great way to just zone out and get goofy.

Great product!!!
Posted By : Wendy , On Sunday, 11 July 2010
After a lot of research I tracked down this product (I live in England). I thought it looked better for surf balance and skills practice than an Indoboard - I am not a surfer but want to try surfing this year and living in land locked London I dont have the opportunity to try surfing every day and so finding something that might increase my speed of learning when I do get out in the sea is invaluable. I 'have only been using it for a little bit but I am already buillding up my time, balancing on one foot and starting to move around the board which is helping me build on confidence that I can pick up surfing quickly. But all that aside..... IT'S FUN!!!!!!!

Ordered yesterday, arrived today, now Goofin'
Posted By : J , On Wednesday, 16 June 2010
Mr. UPS dropped by around 3pm, I ripped into the box like the adult child I am 3:05pm, and have been Goofin' around until now 3:50pm.

Definitely feels more similar to surfing than the other balance boards I’ve tried and in the very short time I’ve Goofed, I can see how it can help me breakdown the fundamentals of cross stepping when not in the water, which is what I was after. Oh and keeping that smile on my face…

So far, looks a great training aid and of solid construction.

Daily Goof
Posted By : Wingnut , On Tuesday, 15 June 2010
On the Goofboard every day...little 5 - 10 min sessions to free up the mind...gets you a little pumped in the same way as music will before a surf!
Have even tried popping up from on my belly...only pulled it twice so far!

surf bum
Posted By : Paul Jaxon , On Tuesday, 15 June 2010
The cure for East Coast flat spells... Absolutely love it! Great for cross-stepping practice. Super fun!

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