Please view this instructional video before riding the GoofBoard Classic...                  

For successful Rail-to-Rail GoofBoarding, follow these rules . . .

  • A Goof mat or carpet is the best riding surface
  • Square up the pipe with a rail
  • Hold onto a stool or sofa back (everyone's shaky at first, even you)
  • Level the board out with one foot, hop up with the other foot
  • Offset feet - slightly hang over a toe, hang over a heel (see feet diagram below)
  • Keep feet at a normal standing distance - no wide, stink bug stance
  • Keep your knees bent!!
  • Keep upper body relaxed and straight, no flailing
  • Look "down the wave" over the nose of the board
  • Control the rolling motion from the ankles, not by shifting your weight
  • Once you get the hang of it, let go of the stool

 Goofyfoots, transpose feet





Classic "ADVANCED" Video

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