Q: Will I injure myself?

A: This is a common first question. No you won't.  We start you off slow holding onto a chair or sofa back. Riding rules have been established that are necessary for success. Can you ride a bike?  With a little determination, you can do this!

Q: How long does it usually take to get the hang of riding the GoofBoard?

A: It takes about 15-30 minutes of use to maintain decent balance, about two weeks to shake off the jitters, and maybe a month of regular use to feel fairly comfortable.

Q: Is the GoofBoard just a copy of other boards already out there?

A: No, not at all.  The GoofBoard’s primary motion is a rail-to-rail motion, truer to the surfing experience.  We also like nose-to-tail riding, so that is part of the Freestyle also, in addition to riding rail-to rail.

Q:  Why the name GoofBoard?

A:  We wanted a fun name for a fun product.  Sure, the GoofBoard is great for surf "training," but if it's not fun...then it's done...ha, ha.  Your surfing skills will improve as you "Goof-off."

Q:  With all the balance boards out there, why should I buy the GoofBoard?

A:  Watch the videos of the other boards, don't just read their spiels.  If the GoofBoard looks like the most fun to ride and the most like surfing, buy it.  If another board wins out, so be it.  We are confident you will be very happy with your GoofBoard purchase.  The GoofBoard delivers a true surfing vibe that has not been matched.

Q:  I found a coupon code online but cannot find where to enter it?

A:  Coupon codes floating around out there are all bogus.  If GoofBoards were sold in stores, the prices would be at least $30 higher.  You won't find a better value considering the quality and innovation found in every GoofBoard.  Plus, they are made in the USA.   

Q: What’s the best riding surface for the GoofBoard™?

A: A GOOF MAT is ideal, but a piece of medium height loopy style carpet (about 4′ x 6′) is good, best if placed on a hard floor or concrete. Most shag carpet with padding is too thick and slow, but may be great at first while getting started. Riding directly on hard flooring is too fast. Go to a carpet store and buy a remnant for cheap.  Big box stores sell 4' x 6' carpet/rugs with for about $30.

Q: My goal is to get good at cross-stepping. Will the Classic help?

A: In our opinion, there is no better way. Practice balancing on the GoofBoard Classic one foot at a time, on either foot.  Practice of cross-stepping on the GoofBoard will get you toward your goal. Out in the water, keep your knees bent, position your surfboard in the upper half of the wave back in the curl, and make each step a smooth transfer of weight.  Even if you do not aspire to walk to the nose, as a longboarder you still need to move your feet.  The GoofBoard will help.

Q: Is the GoofBoard™ better for conditioning compared to the boards that balance on an inflatable ball?

A: The ball based boards seem to be the most challenging physically, but they don’t look very fun, either. What’s the best exercise, you might ask? Answer… that which you will do.

Q: Will the GoofBoard make you a better surfer?

A: Yes. Maybe not right away, but increased leg strength and better board control will eventually translate into better surfing.

Q: What’s harder, GoofBoarding or actual surfing?

A: First time Goofin’ can be a humbling experience, even for pro surfers. The balance required by the GoofBoard does not occur anywhere else in natural life. It must be learned and the brain must adapt. Once the learning curve kicks in, basic GoofBoarding is not difficult, but the sky’s the limit for those who want to push it.

Q: I want to take up surfing this summer. Can the GoofBoard give me head start?

A: A head start with balance on a surfboard, absolutely. But, there are many variables to surfing, such as take off positioning, that only come from attempting the real thing. You will have an advantage over other beginners, but you’ll still have to pay your dues in the water.

Q: Do you have to surf to ride the GoofBoard?

A: No. I know a family that rides the GoofBoard every Friday night, kids, parents, cousins.  None of them has ever surfed.  They have a blast on it.

Q:  Why is the GoofBoard better for SUP training than the other balance boards?

A: For the SUP paddle stance you will need to ride rail-to-rail with your feet fairly close together.  If you try this on other brands’ boards, you will crash because the stops are too wide, or there are no stops going rail-to-rail.  The GoofBoard also allows you to switch into a surfing stance and move your feet.

Q: Do snow boarders dig the GoofBoard™?

A: The heel-to-toe motion from the GoofBoard should be a great way for snow boarders to keep in shape.  The slip-slide-ride of the Freestyle simulates snowboarding better than any other balance board.

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