Board: 44” x 15”   
Roller: 37” x 4”     
   Weight limit: 450 lbs



To purchase, go to AMAZON UK



Rides rail-to-rail to simulate surfing

The “Classic” model simulates trimming down the face of a wave with stoke to spare. Rail-to-rail is the classic surfing motion.  Guaranteed to keep you smiling through the flat spells.

There is no better way to work on cross-stepping. This board will give the beginning surfer the most realistic ride. Practice your pop-ups, build strength and board control.

Perfect for SUP! This might be the best way to gain your paddling balance and acclimate your feet, ankle, and leg muscles.  And, the most fun way too. Switch between paddle and surfing stances. Get those feet moving.

Riding the Classic will help you take your surfing to the next level.  Wingnut endorsed.  Made in USA.


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