Classic or Axis?

Get the CLASSIC if you...

  • Have more glide than shred in your surfing style
  • Are drawn to cross stepping (longer board, more steps vs. Axis)
  • Want to practice pop-ups (more feet plant zone vs. Axis)

Get the AXIS if you...

  • Have more shred than glide in your surfing style
  • Like the versatility of riding in both orientations (due it’s to length, Classic designed to ride rail-to-rail only, but it does this really well!)
  • Already like the feel of a traditional balance board (rocking), but ready to go for rail-to-rail riding also.


  • Classic is 44”, Axis is 32” long. Both are about 15” wide.
  • Classic roller is 4” diameter, Axis roller is 5” diameter.
  • Classic is lower to the ground and a little easier to get started riding rail-to-rail. 
  • If you are a beginning surfer and still not sure – we suggest the Classic.
  • If not too interested in surfing and still not sure – get Axis, as you won't have the surfing reference point for fully appreciating the stoke of rail-to-rail riding.  

Still stuck?

Contact us, would love to talk with you!