Axis - Where is it?

What happened to the Axis?   A little background…

Goofboard introduced rail-to-rail riding in 2009, which changed the paradigm for surfing balance boards. It just makes more sense.

The Axis, a dual-motion board, was introduced years later to provide the rocking motion of a traditional balance board, in addition to rail-to-rail, all in one board.

The biggest compromise of the Axis is it needed to be shorter to keep from bottoming out when ridden in the rocking motion. The geometry does not allow for the best of both worlds.

Although the Axis is given great reviews by many, we remain proudest of our original concept – a longer board that excels in rail-to-rail riding. And most buyers agree – by a longshot.

So, the Axis has been discontinued. Moving forward, Goofboard remains committed to providing the most surfing/SUP-realistic balance boards ever created.