Classic Riding Mat (use with Wombat too)

40" x 60"    Color: Black 

This mat provides the optimal GoofBoard Classic riding surface. Yes, carpet will work, but these mats have no "grain" found in all carpets, so "drift" is eliminated. Researched, designed, and tested until we got it right with a perfect roll dampening factor. Made from 1/4" polyurethane foam with a felt top. Use mat on hard flooring or outdoor hard surfaces.



Freestyle Riding Mat

36" x 68"   Color: Black

A yoga style mat optimized for the Freestyle.  More grip on the surface, compared to the Classic Mat, suitable for the Freestyle's rotational capabilities.   Roller stays locked in while board rotates.  Freestyle must be ridden on a mat or on carpet. Use mat on hard flooring or outdoor hard surfaces.


FREE SHIPPING in the 48 States, reduced shipping cost to Hawaii, Alaska, and US Territories.




Wobble Cushion?

Not offered.  
We don't recommend this type of product.  It's too jittery to simulate water sports.  U-blocks have a much more realistic feel.








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