Surfing was part of my teen years in California (1970s).  I dropped off the surfing map in my 20s, but jumped back in my 30s after leaving my corporate gig, and haven't looked back.  

In the 1990s I noticed Indo Board advertising to surfers, but I never got one because it didn't look like surfing.  Years later, a friend picked one up so I tried it.  It didn't feel like surfing either, but it was still a fun activity.  I continued to ride it and figured the thing out fairly well.

One day, just for kicks, I balanced on a scrap chunk of plywood over a piece of pipe.  Then it hit me...what if the length of the plywood was placed parallel to the pipe?  To my amazement, this felt like surfing!  I made a crude prototype and it was too much fun, and it recreated the feel of surfing.  Friends agreed that I was onto something too good not to build a business around it.  The GoofBoard was launched in 2009.

Thank you for your interest in the GoofBoard!
--Armin Brown, GoofBoard Inventor

Evolution from prototype to finished GoofBoard.


Short video of 2008 prototype. Yikes, those were white feet!

Why GoofBoard?

The GoofBoard™ is designed for surfers and paddle boarders as way to bring home the surf riding experience and return to the water the better for it. You’ll have a blast on the GoofBoard while sharpening your surfing skills along the path. GoofBoard riding will provide greater style fluidity with better strength, balance, and board control.

Balance boards have been around since the 1960s (Bongo Board was the first), and most use a rocking motion with the roller perpendicular to the length of the board. The GoofBoard is unique by offering rail-to-rail riding using a longer roller parallel to the length of the board – a motion truer to the surfing experience. Our Classic model pioneered rail-to-rail balance board riding, with room to walk.

Rail-to-rail is a little trickier to get the hang of, but the payoff is more stoke - it feels more like surfing!  Nose-to-tail riding has merits also, so we provide that in our soon to be released, dual-motion Axis model, while keeping our legendary GoofBoard rail-to-rail riding.  Riding the GoofBoard has helped surfers advance their skills, all while goofing off.

The wood we use is so nice we like to show it off, not paint over it. Rollers are are made from environmentally friendly recycled materials: strong, sturdy, and straight. Ride the GoofBoard on carpet or on our Goof Mat, clear of surrounding objects. View HOW TO VIDEO page before riding. Made in USA, quality throughout.  


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