Ebb & Flo

Eco Cotton Magic Carpet

$ 25 $ 45

A perfect riding surface to dampen your roll while riding our Surf Balance Boards on hard flooring.

We sourced this rug with specs that make it the perfect riding surface for hard flooring.  This beautiful flat weave rug is made from 100% reclaimed cotton and is a luxurious addition to any living room - eco friendly - for indoor use.

Color:  Oregano   |   Size:  40" x 46"  (perfect riding size)

Note:  your home carpet is a suitable riding surface, as long as it is not too thick.  All carpet has a grain that may cause the roller to "drift," a gradual migration that some riders find annoying.  The Magic Carpet's flat weave cotton has no grain and is not subject to drift.  

Shipping charge greatly reduced when purchasing with a board vs buying later...Eco Cotton Magic Carpet fits inside the board box.

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