How to Choose a Balance Board for Your Standing Desk

Standing desks are becoming an increasingly popular workstation accessory. Because of the many benefits that they provide—from improving posture to increasing productivity—it’s not hard to see why. As the popularity of standing desks grows, an increasing variety of different types of balance boards have emerged, each offering their own unique benefits. To learn how to choose a balance board for your standing desk, take a look at some of these popular options and their advantages.

Standing desk balance boards

As their name suggests, standing desk balance boards are designed specifically for use with a standing desk. Standing desk balance boards are often larger than other balance boards. They allow the user to engage in simple movements by wobbling slightly in any direction on a rounded circular disk base often made from cork.

Because these boards are fairly easy to balance on, they allow the user to maintain concentration on their work while also increasing their blood flow, which helps improve their productivity and burn calories.

Roller boards

Roller boards are a type of balance board that involves a separate free-moving cylinder upon which a board is placed. The user then balances atop the board, which moves either laterally or vertically.

Because roller boards require quite a bit of concentration to balance on properly, they aren’t ideal for use in an office environment in which maintaining focus on one’s work is essential. However, if you’re looking for a balance board for surf training or to help improve your coordination during your breaks, a roller board could be a fun option.

Wobble board

Wobble boards are a type of circular balance board that have a bowl-shaped base that provides a 360-degree tilt. Primarily used to help rehab injuries and strengthen muscles—you’ve likely seen them at the gym—wobble boards can also be a viable option for one’s standing desk.

Like standing desk boards, wobble boards are fairly easy to balance on. However, because they provide more freedom of movement, they require a bit more concentration to utilize and may not be suitable for those with balance issues.

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